Thursday, February 27, 2014

Long weekend in Japan - Kyoto

I had a 4-day weekend and decided to just live in the moment and fly to Japan. I am SO glad I did it.

I flew into Osaka and then took the train to Kyoto for 2 nights.

You could buy a homemade lunch right on the street.

Nijo Castle

Sorry. You know me and dog pictures.

A Chinese parasol tree - they were exposed to the atomic bomb

Nishiki Market - this one part was dark and closed, and I was worried that everything was closed.

But then I got to this part of the market, and it was bustling with people and fun shops.

Doggie shirts

I found this awesome vintage thrift store that was recommended in the travel books. I loved it.

Look at some of the awesome treasures that I found!

I LOVE scarfs, so I bought a beautiful vintage scarf.


Next stop....Osaka!