Monday, March 31, 2014

Great week at school

On Monday, we got a new soap on a stick. What an exciting day!

On Tuesday, we had another dance party with Mina and Seora. Jin Ju told me that I have good dance moves. Woo-hoo!

Since I can come up with cheezy songs to help teach kids English, I've been given the task of creating songs with each lesson for my elementary students. I really enjoy doing makes me quite happy. Wonder if there's a way I could market this...

I have come up with several so far. I want to figure out a way to record them with my camera and upload them to my Mac and then edit them with iMovies. I haven't tried or figured it out. That's on my list of things to do!

Sometimes, I wish I could take Seora home with me. I just adore her and Mina. Last week I saw Seora out in the courtyard in front of our school. I said her name, and she runs/skips/hops over to me with this huge smile on her face. She takes both my hands and just holds them while smiling. She does this pretty much every time she sees me. I've never had anyone do that. Man, I feel loved. Hoping I can bottle some of that and take it home with me.

And now...for the absolute BEST thing that happened last fact, it was one of the THE best (if not the best) things that has happened to me at school this year...
I always start the class off by singing the songs I made up and going over what day it is and the weather (yes, it gets VERY boring doing this 22 times a week). After chatting for a bit, I played the sing along version of "Let It Go" for my middle school students. My new co-teacher, Jin Ju, came in at the middle of us all singing along. Then she plays it again. I thought it was another sing along. Nope. Just for me to sing by myself. They start clapping along while I sing. When I hit the big note, they start cheering. Then they all shout "encore" afterwards. Wow. Oh wow. I am SO incredibly happy right now. You have no idea.

I just love this sing along version!

I had that same class today, and they begged me to sing it again. However, I have a cold now so it wouldn't have been pretty. Maybe next class!

Busy, busy week

I have had a super busy week. I LOVE the fact that I had something to do every single night last week, with all different people. It makes me feel like I belong here. Like I have found great friends, people that truly care about me. It's a really good feeling. Hence, that's why I haven't updated my blog. Sorry folks!

Last Friday night, Julie and I hung out. She moved back home this past Wednesday to help take care of her dad who is sick. She was my closest friend and neighbor here in Daejeon. I knew she needed to go home, but I sure didn't want her to go. I knew I would miss her terribly. So I wanted to hang out with her as much as possible before she left. We went out to dinner, went shopping at our little jewelry/socks/hair accessory place called Naughty Cat, and then went for Tea Lattes and dessert at Green Brownie. Check out one of the yummy snacks we found!

Last Saturday, Julie and I decided to take a walk and explore some of the trails around our area.

And we stopped and exercised on the equipment.

We went up and down hills.

Love spring in Korea!

And the mountains in the background...

You can garden wherever you find a little plot of land.

You can find trash anywhere...there is no particular rhyme or reason to it.

Need a broken chair?

Or a suitcase?

We felt like we were in the middle of a landfill.

Love the Konglish!

Boys on their skateboards...

Even the little ones like their fur.

This picture was taken when the sun was setting over the mountains in my neighborhood. Beautiful.

Last Saturday night, a big group of us went to Ali Baba's Treasure to say good-bye to Julie. Who would have known that I would move to Korea and discover that I love Indian food? I wasn't expecting that! Their food is SO good! I am so going to have to find a good Indian restaurant in the DFW area.

This little boy was absolutely precious! It was his birthday and he loved talking to us. Look at him in his little band uniform jacket!

Patrick and Melissa


Then we went to Santa Claus, a funky little pub.  Of course, Alicia and I took some fun pics.

Everyone left except for myself, LaToya, Julie, and her co-worker, Hyun. He took off, and we didn't know where he went. He came back with this sweet cake from Paris Baguette to celebrate Julie leaving. How sweet was he?

He even brought a candle.

On Sunday, I went to church. A girl from church invited us over to her place for coffee cake. We had a great time just chatting. Then Saree and I went to Johnny's Pub for some great pizza while sitting in camp chairs. It was so good!

On Monday, Julie and I met at Home Plus and then went to grab a bite to eat. I'm sure going to miss meeting her at Home Plus and just shopping and chatting.

On Tuesday, Julie, her co-teacher, and I went to Raracost for some good Italian food here in our neighborhood. I let Julie choose the restaurant since it would be her very last dinner in Korea. She left Wednesday morning. Sad face. Major sad face.

On Wednesday, I met some girls at the awesome, amazing, wonderful Rio de Janeiro Brazilian restaurant. There is a buffet and also meat that they bring right to your table. Corinne, Julie's replacement, surprisingly arrived in Daejeon after several days of orientation. I invited her to come with us. She's from Ohio and has never been abroad before.

On Thursday, I showed Corinne around my neighborhood and Home Plus. Check out what I found!
Sadly, they don't have my size. Boo.

Then I met my co-teacher, Jin Ju, for dinner. I love her even more now. She insisted on paying for dinner. I found out some things about her: she loves Twilight, her favorite food is meat, and her favorite thing about teaching is vacation. She also loves my singing voice and dance moves. She's wonderful! 

On Friday, my friend, Emily, came over to my neck of the woods. We went out to dinner and then went to our favorite norebang. We LOVE singing together at norebangs. 

Can you tell some of the songs that we sang?

She spent the night, and we had a fun little slumber party. On Saturday morning, we watched Steel Magnolias, made brownies, and painted our nails the Korean way! 

On Saturday night, I hosted Games Night for some friends at church. We had THE best time! Emily taught me how to make Crack Dip and made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone the secret family recipe. Crack Dip is SO good, and I am SOOOO making it again and again! It was a huge hit! We played Drawssip aka Telephone Pictionary and Spoons. Then we went out for a late dinner at Kingdom. Yum!

Inga kept going back for more Crack Dip. I think she even licked the bowl!

On Sunday, I invited Corinne to church with me. After church, Corinne, Saree, and I went to Kraze Burger for dinner, and then Saree and I went to go see the movie, Noah. I liked it, even though it was extremely different than the Noah story in the Bible. Saree and I knew that it would be different though. In fact, she shared a great article about it.

Now, it's Monday. And I am finally resting. I caught a cold or something, and it refused to go away, so I finally went to the doctor today. I don't know what I have, but the doctor had me do a nasal wash. Never had that or even heard of that before. My nose feels pretty clean now!

I'm posting another blog about my highlights at school. Love you guys and miss you tons!

Friday, March 21, 2014

My week in pictures

Here is a little bit about my week...

1. There are certain students at my school who make my heart smile. Deksu is one of those students. Every time he sees me, he smiles really big and says, "Hello Angela!" He loves to sing and says, "I can sing good!" And he always tells me, "Good job, Angela!" when I sing in class. He can always make me smile. I am grateful for students like him.

2. On Tuesday, we had an impromptu dance party in my class with Jin Ju, my new co-teacher. She is so much fun, and I adore her. VASTLY different from my other co-teacher, who is so uptight and unsure of herself. Mina, Seora, Jin Ju, and I just danced the morning away. A little Justin Bieber, Crayon Pop, G Dragon, and EXO. Hopefully this will be a recurring Tuesday thing. It would make me so happy!

We had so much fun that we had another dance party on Thursday!

Now about these next two pictures...Seora wears jeans that are too big for her. So after jumping over and over again, her jeans fall down. In the middle of her dancing, she stops and does a little jig to pull her pants up. It was the funniest thing! We could not stop giggling. Love that girl.

Mina doing her famous move. I just love watching her do this move.

Mina is a take charge kind of girl. I introduced them to the jitterbug, and now Mina loves to do the jitterbug with Seora. She totally loves to make Seora spin.

Here are a couple of our favorite songs to dance to...

I LOVE all of these songs, and every time I hear them I want to get up and dance.

3. I have been working with Kang on his ABC's since I started teaching at my school. My co-teacher ordered some ABC books for him where he gets to write the letters and puts stickers inside. I always try to take it one step further. So I used my magnetic letters and had him make each word from the book. I enjoy working with him because he is always excited to learn things and get things right. Makes a teacher happy.

He did such a great job that I reward him with cereal. He LOVES it and gets so excited when he gets some. It's funny how the little things make him happy.

Then we used the ABC Rainbow to practice our letters. Since he is visually impaired, the letters need to be bigger for him. He does an excellent job matching up the letters and finding the letters when I say them.

He was so excited when he finished!

I thank God that I found these magnetic letters at Home Plus. They have been a lifesaver!

4. It's official. I LOVE The Office. Why have I not watched this show before now? It's so funny and has me looking forward to the next show...which works out great because all 9 seasons are on Netflix. I am always amazed at what Michael Scott will do next (how does he still have a job?)...and Dwight of course. Love it! I have had A LOT of desk warming time, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all he episodes. I look forward to watching them! 

I am up to Season 5 now. So who are your favorite characters?

5. A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook a picture of this short dress/long shirt that I had found on the streets here in Daejeon. You will often find people selling fruit, clothes, tools on the street. It was suggested that I buy it. So I did. Tony the Tiger better watch out. I think this might make me feel a little sassy. ROWR! My friend suggested that I take it to a seamstress and have them take off the turtleneck and turn it into a V-neck. I quite like that idea and totally plan to do it.

6. My closest friend here in Daejeon is leaving me. She is going back home to help take care of her Dad who is sick. She leaves on Wednesday. I KNOW without a doubt that it's going to be difficult. We may not go out and party, but we often meet up for dinner, or Starbucks, or even going to Home Plus. I am going to miss her terribly. She, however, has introduced me to Tea Lattes, which I have discovered that I love. I love chai tea tattes and regular tea lattes. This might become a bad thing since there are about 8 coffee shops in my neighborhood, including 2 that are on my street. 

Last night, we met for hotteok, THE best thing to eat in Korea, and chai tea lattes at Starbucks.
Hotteok is a yummy, delectable treat that tastes like state fair food. It's fried dough filled with a yummy sugar mixture. Oh. My. is good. And I am totally going to learn how to make these at home. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Then we went shopping in the neighborhood at our favorite little socks, phone cover, jewelry, hair accessories, etc shop and at GS25, Korean's version of 7-11. We found some dried squid that we could have had for a snack. Yuck.

I've been in Korea for 7 months! Wow!