Saturday, June 14, 2014

14 Things on the 14th

1. Election Day
Election Day was last Wednesday, and politicians were in full force campaigning. There were people wearing the same outfits standing on corners campaigning for your vote. Posters were all over the city.

This is one of the guys who is running in Daejeon. For what? I have no idea. But WHO does he remind you of? For me, it was literally screaming in my face!

2. Doing dishes
Doing dishes in my apartment is not easy. I only have one sink, so I can't fill up one one sink with hot, sudsy water, and use the other sink for rinsing. So what I usually do is fill up a bowl with hot, sudsy water and use that water for washing all the dishes.

3. 80's Fashion
So the 80's have definitely come to Korea. There are popped-up collars on Polo shirts, overalls, neon, and denim mini skirts. Check out the two goodies I saw in Eunhaengdong.

4. Hats
In Eunhaengdong, you can find so many awesome things, including an array of hats.

Do you see the cute Frozen visors?

5. S Dot stationary store
In Daejeon, we have one place to buy craft stuff, like a Hobby Lobby. It's called S Dot (but it actually just shows up as S.). Look at the long wall of stickers! And there are more stickers than what is shown!

6. New merchandise in the stores
When we went shopping, many of the stores had gotten new merchandise. It was all over the floor in the middle of the walkway. Seriously.

7. Holding hands
I have mentioned previously that it is common to see girls holding hands with other girls and even boys holding hands with boys (or women with women and men with men).

8. Guy Smiley
Look who it is! It's Guy Smiley from Sesame Street! I saw his picture at a store and just had to take a photo of it.

9. Adorable little one
While in the subway, I came across this little cutie-patootie hanging out on his mama's back. I had fun talking to him and photographing him. His mom and auntie were so sweet too even though they didn't speak any English.

10. Love this shot
So I took this shot coming up the subway escalator. I just love it. Seriously love it.

11. Hanboks
I came across this family just hanging out. Two of the women were in their traditional hanboks. Aren't they beautiful?

12. Norman
My friend, Norman, came to Daejeon and visited me! I hadn't seen him since orientation even though we chat all the time over Facebook. He came Friday night and stayed the night on my guest bed aka couch. We had a great time....I introduced him to my favorite buffet place in my neighborhood, we saw X-Men, had Mexican food, and hung out in the park. We had a great visit.

13. My neighborhood
I love my little neighborhood in Daejeon. I have learned that I live in the newest part of Daejeon. I will miss it. I will miss being able to walk places.

14. French fry pizza
Katie and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood the other night, Kingdom, where there are literal knights in shining armor. We ordered cheese pizza and fried chicken.

First, we get popcorn as an appetizer. Who knows? This is just what they do at Kingdom.

And here is our "cheese" pizza. Look closely. Look very closely. You'll see French fries on the pizza. Yes, French fries.

And guess what?

It was SOOOO good! Who knew?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visiting Bridget and Philopena

A couple of weekends ago, I visited Bridget in the Daegu area. And I got to meet the adorable Philopena for the first time. When Bridget goes back home this summer, guess who gets to dog sit? ME! I am so excited! Philopena is the sweetest, most laid back dog. We will get along fabulously.

Bridget first took me to Tumuli Park, which have hills or mounds of earth that are tombs of the important people of a dynasty from a long time ago. The bigger the mound, the more important you were.

We even got to go inside one of the tombs, believed to have been for a 6th or 7th century king. Cool but a little creepy.

It was really pretty.

Bridget just HAD to do her famous "come hither lizard" pose...on the top of the mound of some dead person.

And we had to be sneaky because of this little sign...

We went shopping afterwards and brought Philopena.

She was a huge hit. Like a little ambassador for people young and old.

This is my favorite picture! I just loved standing back with my camera capturing it all.

Do you see the little girl in the middle? Yeah, I want to bring her home. With me. Forever.

I don't know if Philopena is saying, "Auntie Angela, help me!" or "Look how popular I am!"

Is she not adorable?

Texas Rangers!

Meeting another fan... She blew kisses to Philopena.

Anytime we were in the car, Philopena had to ride in Mommy's lap.

When we went to the museum, this was her spot.

So...let me explain. We were in the town of Gyeongju, and we saw the signs for this place.

In Korea, it is very popular to go to the sex museum. Many couples go there on their honeymoons. I've even heard of teachers going there together on a big teachers trip. Can you imagine?

Most of the pictures are a tad inappropriate, and I don't feel comfortable sharing them on Facebook. Some of them, like this one, I'll let you figure it out.

The gardens were beautiful.


This one is my favorite.

I will share one and only one "inappropriate" picture.
If you would like to know more about the museum, you can check out this guy's blog.

Afterwards, we went to Bridget's favorite dinner spot.

They had Disney dolls, so of course I was happy!

So Philopena had a bad ear infection from being at the shelter, so she had to get ear drops. So that she didn't mess with her ears after the drops going in, she had to wear a cone for about 10 minutes.

Yeah, that face...

And then got to chill in Mommy's lap.

This is the next round of putting in drops. She just sits there and doesn't make a peep.

And just look at her! She'll stay like that for a good 10 minutes!

Um yeah....can you tell that I missed taking pictures of my dogs?

Our little photo session while going for a walk in the neighborhood

When it was time to pose for the camera, Philopena just laid down on her back.

I had a fantastic time with Bridget! As I always do...